BABY Balloon Mosaic Prop (RENTAL)



Description: Add a statement piece to any Baby Shower by renting this 4ft tall B-A-B-Y Balloon Mosaic Prop. Guaranteed to grab your guests attention. Perfect for use as a photo backdrop for expecting mothers and family. You choose 1 -3 balloon colors to match the theme of your event. 


  • Photo backdrop / Photo booth
  • Photo shoot with photographer

Occasion: Baby Shower

Size: 4ft tall

Material: Foam Board, Latex Balloons

PLEASE NOTE: Balloon Mosaic can be damaged by rain, snow, and wind. Can be used both indoors and outdoors, with best results indoors. A stand is located on the back side of each Mosaic (unless requested not to be attached). For use outside during windy conditions place a weighted item, such as a bag of sand, on the stand. This will ensure the Mosaic does not tip over. 

Rental Policy

Possible Additional Fees

If the Set-Up/Labor Fee is paid for, and drivers are not able to access venue/freight elevator upon delivery, then the Set-Up/Labor Fee will not be refunded.

 Additional fees will apply for difficult access (Stairs, No Freight Elevator, etc.).

If Daisy's Prop Shop staff arrives at the event during the requested time frame written in the contract, and are unable to obtain Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC's property, client must pay an additional $35 fee for next day pick up.

Prices are for 6 hour rentals only. The cut off time is 7PM. Rentals needed after 7PM will require next day pick-up. Additional fee will apply.


Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC Responsibility

Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC will continue to strive and provide great customer service and to be on time to each and every event. Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC provides quality prop rentals in the best conditions. Though it is our goal to have the best quality props, overtime wear and tear will occur.


Customer Responsibility

Customer will provide access to the venue for 1 hour before the event start time and 1 hour for pick up after the conclusion of the event to allow Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC to set up and to remove prop rentals. Access must include vehicle parking near the venue entrance.

Any events that are rescheduled due to unforeseen weather conditions will receive full credit for a future order. Please give 2 weeks prior notice when rescheduling your date.

Customer MUST provide adequate electrical power to meet the needs for any prop rentals or equipment.

Customer will pay for refunded props, If props are rented the following day and drivers can not access location to obtain props on the original scheduled day of pick-up. 


Prop Rentals & Decorations

All props, furniture and decorations Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC provides are daily rentals for the agreed-upon time, and Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC will remove them at the conclusion of the event unless agreed otherwise.


Changes to Order

Only STORE CREDIT will be provided toward a future event. NO REFUNDS AFTER ORDER IS BOOKED. Store credit will be held on file for 1 full calendar year from when the original order was placed and must be used within the 1 full calendar year.

Customer is allowed 24 hours to change orders. After the first 24 hours, there are no changes.

Customer may add items to the order, subject to the same terms. Customer acknowledges that any changes to order after the first 24 hours are subject to store credit and will be held on file for 1 full calendar year from when the original order was placed.



Customer is responsible for providing a one day insurance if the venue requires it.

Customer is responsible for the safety and reliability of the event venue and its furnishings. 

Customer is also responsible for any injury, loss or damage to Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC employees or equipment resulting from the conduct of event attendees and of staff not employed by Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC.


Payments & Security Deposit

50% of the prop rental amount is required to secure your event date unless agreed otherwise. If the customer cancels the order more than 24 hours after confirmation, Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC will retain the deposit & customer is subject to store credit and will be held on file for 1 full calendar year from when the original order was placed.

Credit card authorization form MUST be filled out for each event for security purposes for any damaged or loss prop rentals.


Damage and Loss

In the event that equipment provided by Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC is damaged or lost due to the actions of event attendees or of staff not employed by Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC Customer agrees to pay for all repair or replacement up to the full value of the lost or damaged items, including shipping and handling.

Please be advised, any damage to Props will result in fees being charged for loss/ damage.

Daisy’s Prop Shop, LLC can not control the weather. This damage includes, but; not limited to the following:

  • Damage caused by Wind / Water / Extreme heat or cold
  • Damage from moving props that are to remain stationary

Damage or loss will be assessed as soon as possible after the conclusion of the event. All visible damage will be photographed on-site whenever possible.

Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC will provide a documented damage/loss report with costs included within 3 days after the event. Customer must pay for the damage or loss upon receipt for the Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC report.


Daisy's Prop Shop, LLC has the right to refuse business to anyone.

Rental Agreement (Required For All Rentals)
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